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Understanding Chiropractic Care Part 3

March 15, 2012

Benefits and Goals of Care
The benefits of chiropractic care include pain relief, tissue healing and good function.

It may require different amounts of time to achieve each of these goals.

Pain relief doesn’t mean tissues have healed nor that function is restored.

It often takes more time for tissues to fully heal than for pain relief.

It may take more time to restore function than it takes for tissues to heal.

Dr. Fisher in action















Chiropractors carefully monitor pain, tissue healing and function using specific outcome measures to know when a patient has achieved maximum benefit and it is time to end care or shift to a prevention/wellness program.

Chiropractic, Motion and Nutrition of Discs and Joints
Maintaining good motion is critical to the survival of discs and joints.  A joint that can’t move can’t nourish itself.

A healthy exchange of nutrients and wastes only occurs by physically pumping fluids into and out of the disc via spinal motion because discs and cartilage have no blood supply.

Movement stirs fluid through joints, washing nutrients in and waste products out. Lack of motion may lead to poor nutrition and disc degeneration.

I hope this information helps my readers and patients understand Chiropractic Care a bit better. Stay tuned for more posts very soon.

In Good Health,
Dr. Matthew Fisher, D.C.

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