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Exercise Beats Calcium for Strong Bones

June 21, 2013

Several years back a study appeared in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. This study indicated that exercise is moResistance Exercisere important than calcium in developing strong bones in girls and young women. Researchers at Penn State University and Johns Hopkins University fount that when girls took in far less calcium than the recommended daily allowance, bone strength was not significantly affected, but that bone strength was related to their exercise habits.

This Penn State Young Women’s Health Study began with 112 12-year-old girls from central Pennsylvania. The ongoing study has tracked the cardiovascular, reproductive and bone health of the subjects several years after the study. Moira Petit, one of the Penn State researchers noted, “When we looked at their lean mass, we saw that a 1 kilogram increase in lean mass was associated with a 2 1/2 percent increase in their bone strength.”

The study was praised for it’s detailed look at bone strength but experts warned that no one should ignore calcium entirely. There was a concern that kids might think they can drink nothing but sodas as long as they’re working out and pointed out that it’s the whole package that’s still important.

In other words, like I always say, resistance exercise along with good nutrition is SO important for women’s bone strength. You don’t have to be a fitness freak but some moderate resistance exercise can help everyone stay strong and healthy.

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